Add JSON-LD structured data to Genesis WordPress

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Add JSON-LD structured data to Genesis WordPress

The NO plugin, NO coding method of adding structured markup data as per to your Genesis powered WordPress website.  This video will show you how to add a JSON-LD script snippet into the head of all your pages.


Rich snippets

Structured data markup is used to inform the search engines about the content on your website from blog posts, products, events plus many more.  The search engines will then use this structured markup data to create better more relevant search results, but also serve them up in a nicer way, called rich snippets.  Check out this page from Google which will explain structured data in more details

Structured data is good for SEO

This will also help your SEO rankings, site authority and a best SEO practice tick in the box.  With recent updates from Google's search algorithm, the need for well-formed websites and strong content is even more paramount.  

Structured data formats

There are several formats for structured data markup such as microdata and RFDa, which should be embedded into your HTML web pages. JSON-LD is added as a script which potentially is easier, but not fully supported as of yet for all of the  Again this page from Google will explain structured data formats in more detail.

We have structured data baked into any perch CMS or WordPress powered website that we build for blog posts, we can also build it into any other relevant type of content. But sometimes you may need to add the JSON-LD markup for some other content on your website.

This video will show you how to add a JSON-LD script to the head of your WordPress site.




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