Startup & small business elevator pitch template

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Startup & small business elevator pitch template

So what is an elevator pitch

Consider your in an elevator or(lift in the UK) with potential investors you have maybe 30-60 seconds to communicate what your business does in a nutshell. Hopefully, you would have already begun a conversation before breaking into your sales pitch! or maybe you just like the element of surprise.

When I initially engage with a potential client, and we are having a chat about what it is they do, or the service their business provides the client can sometimes struggle to communicate the business idea.
More often than not an elevator pitch is something that would help all business owners in this situation. 

Equally, if you are someone who provides services to startup or small businesses(...cough), then if you follow this elevator pitch template to guide your questioning of a client's business, you will find it really helps.

Elevator Pitch Template

The 30 second elevator pitch example

An example for a fictional door to door laundry service. 

For busy people or those that are unable to care for themselves
Who need help with their laundry
The iLaundry service
Is a personal door to door laundry service
That takes the hassle out of cleaning & pressing your clothes
Unlike other services who charge by a full load and 24hours+ turnaround
Our service will have your items returned clean & pressed within 12 hours, on any size load.

Hopefully, that pitch made sense, it took me all of 2 minutes to flesh out so it probably could be better. but you get the drift.

Elevator pitch template

Using the elevator pitch template below you can quickly pull together your own speech example.

For (who the target market is)
Who (the problem)
The (product)
Is a (what is it)
That (solves a problem)
Unlike (the competitors)
Our product (does,.....)

Elevator Pitch Template


Your 30 second sales speech can be used as a conversation starter at a small business networking session but it doesn’t have to be limited to a business sales speech either, how about using the 30 second template as a personal profile pitch in your job application covering letter, or as a pitch in a job interview, there is always a question of “so why should we employee you” cue your elevator pitch.

Practice it, build on it but at the very least the pitch template I have provided really should be in your toolkit. If anything, it will help you place your product or business in its market just as much as communicate in a concise way to potential customers or investors. 

Why not post some examples or share your methods for an effective elevator pitch in the comments.

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