Frequently asked questions

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Common questions

How do I create a new email address?

To setup a new email account first you will need to login to your cPanel e.g. then scroll down to the email section.

NOTE You should of received your cPanel login and password at the time of signing up for your evenseven web hosting account. 

  • Click on accounts
  • Enter your name in the 'Email' field e.g. for enter contact
  • Choose a domain name from the domain field dropdown
  • Now generate a password or enter your own
  • You can choose to limit the size of the mailbox for this account or set to unlimited
  • Then click ‘Create account'
Create new email accounts create-new-email-accounts

How to setup an email account on your device?

Once you have created your email address(s) you now need to configure your device to send and receive all emails.

The control panel provides an auto-configure option for the most common email programs such as outlook, mail for mac and iOS mail or manual options.


  • Login into your cPanel
  • Click through to the email section
  • Scroll down to the 'Email accounts’ list
  • On the far right of each email account you will see a ‘More’ button
  • Select configure mail client from this dropdown
  • On the next page under the heading 'Auto Configuration Scripts'
  • Select the relevant auto installer for your device using IMAP over SSL/TLS a download will begin
  • Save the script to your device and then open it
  • Now enter your password for the email account when prompted
  • Your email should now me configured on your device

Setup email on your device manually

The below will detail how to setup email manually for an ios device e.g. iPhone, iPad etc.  The steps will be similar for all devices but how you get to the email settings menus will differ from device to device.

As steps 1-5 for auto-configure then:

  • Scroll down to the ‘Manual settings’ section of the configure Mail client page
  • Copy or note the details for secure SSL/TLS settings

For iOS devices

  • Go to settings
  • Then 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'
  • Under ‘Accounts’ select 'Add Account'
  • Choose other from the account type screen
  • Add Mail Account
  • The ‘Name' field will display the from name when you send email
  • Now input the email address & password for the mail account
  • Create a description if you wish
  • On the next screen make sure IMAP is selected, this will keep your mail account in sync should you setup your email on several devices.

Incoming mail server settings

  • Host Name: enter your incoming server e.g.
  • User Name: your email address
  • Password: password for the email account
  • Click on advanced and check that the 'Server port’ is as per your email account settings as created in the cPanel e.g. 993 & change if applicable

Outgoing mail server settings:

  • SMTP: enter your outgoing server e.g.
  • User Name: your email address
  • Password: password for the email account
  • Now select the SMTP server name you just added, then on the next page under primary server select and check that the port is set to 465
email account device setup email-account-device-setup

How do I forward an email address?

To forward all emails for an email address to another email account login into your evenseven hosting cPanel e.g.

  • Select forwarders from the email section.
  • Click on ‘Add forwarder’ button
  • Enter the email address you wish to forward in the 'Address to forward’ and select relevant domain. e.g. for enter ‘info’ then select ‘domain’ from the domain dropdown.
  • Then press the ‘Add forwarder’ button to complete.
  • Send a test email.
forward an email account forward-an-email-account